An airline PNR is the Passenger Name Record, and is the reference for the particular booking that is logged in the Airline Reservation System. The airlines will be able to assist you with the help of this number..

Jet Airways (9W), Air India (AI) and Air Vistara (UK) are offered as full service airlines. They offer full services including free in-flight meals..

Low Cost Carriers presently include SpiceJet (SG), IndiGo (6E), GoAir (G8) and Air Asia(I5) Low cost Carriers are known for their lower fares and the exclusion of services such as free in-flight meals..

Direct Flights are where two cities are connected by a single aircraft. Thus flights with none, one or more intermediate stops, but with no change of aircraft are known as direct flights. Direct Non-stop flights are generally the shortest in duration followed by direct flights with stops..